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Renting a laptop, yay or nay?

Renting a laptop, yay or nay

Well, the answer would be a loud ‘YAY’. Why? There are many reasons to get a laptop on lease rather than purchasing your own.

When it comes to purchasing your own, it’s a long-term commitment. With laptops, there is always a new technology, latest upgrades, speedy systems and processors that is introduced in the market. With such array of products available in the market, it’s not just tough to pick one, but finding one within our budget is equally a tough job. Being a renting solution agency, we won’t fail to highlight the burn in your wallet when you swipe your credit or debit card. Obviously, EMI is a choice but there also you end up paying extra amount of money with sky-high interest rates.

When buying a new laptop, a lot of things are to be taken into consideration like technology, finance, user-friendliness, system processor, disk space, gfx card and much more. How do you remove all these obstacles and simplify this process? Easy, get a laptop of your choice on lease.

Why we harp so much on renting a laptop?

1. Affordability is the mother of all choices.


Buying your own laptop is a costly affair with a lot of questions and doubts that come in our mind. Upgrading to newer and higher-version laptop too becomes a pricey ask. Whereas, renting makes it easy. You can upgrade to newer one whenever you want without breaking your savings or stressing about the money part. You can also have choices. You can rent a laptop for a month and then change it to a newer one without stressing on your wallet. You have choices and moreover you have the cost-effectiveness.

 2. Be hand-in-hand with the latest technology.

Being the Gen-Z or the millennials, we are someone who are more into latest technologies, fast processors, latest graphic cards, gaming laptops and much more. Thanks to our practical choice of renting a laptop, you can always switch to newer technologically-sound options. Keeping up with latest technology is no more going to cost you mountains.

 3. Be a choice-maker.

When you buy a laptop, you are stuck with it for a quite a long time. A common man cannot afford to change laptops every year or every time a new upscale laptop is introduced in the market. Renting is one and only option where you can make your choices. If you find a better product in the market, you can always go and rent a laptop near your place. You have the ultimate choice of taking a laptop on lease for a day, week, month or year. You can also make the choice of renting a laptop based on different brands. You can hire a Mac book, a dell laptop, a Lenovo, and you can again change it as per its user-abilities. Thus, you’ve a buffet of laptops on lease waiting for you!

 4. The Flexibility Factor.

In the battle of buying a laptop versus renting a laptop, the second option will always have an upper hand because of the convenience, practicality, choice-making and affordability. RMI (Rental Monthly Installment) is definitely going to be lower than EMI. To purchase a laptop on EMI, you need a credit card, same is not the case with renting a laptop. You have an efficient choice of using it as per your requirement and then close your rental subscription. These rental arrangements are flexible and do not require a hefty sum to acquire a laptop. With purchasing a laptop, you don’t have that flexible option.


So the choice is yours! Choose right. Choose smart. Rent a laptop near you!

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