Why Rent it?

Reduce Cash Outflow

Renting Technology assets allows maintaining healthy cash flow as business need not capitalize depreciating assets and can be turned into operating expense


Flexible Rental Plans

Our Flexible rental plans can be absolutely customised as per your requirement. Our Rental plans starts from 1 Day Rentals to Yearly Contract Rental Plans

Service & Maintenance

Our dedicated team will provide 24/7 Online & Onsite Support for any Service or maintenance on our products

End to End Delivery & Pickup

We provide complete End to End Doorstep Delivery and Pickup of Our Products.

When Rent it ?

You Are a Startup

If you are Startup or a Free Lancer, the Best Option is too Rent Laptops as it will suit your Requirements and mainly our Budgets

Short Period

Short Period

If you want a laptop for Days, Week or Months, buying a depreciating asset doesnt sound wise, but Renting will always be the best Option

Short Term Projects

For Short Term Projects, companies usually require laptops for thier teams, and renting laptops seems perfect fit for short term usage

Training Programs

For Training Programs Renting Technology Assets seems to be the Best Options for Corporates, Schools, Colleges, Institutes, etc

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