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Laptop for Work/ Study from Home

Have you started to work from Home this year? You must be realizing it isn’t easy as it seemed to be. You must be facing a lot of problems in balancing your personal and professional life. In a situation like this when you are already facing a lot, and your financial health has also been not good, Do you think Paying for Handsome amount for buying a new laptop for work would be a good idea? NO RIGHT? Rather you should Rent it! Laptop on rent will not only save your time & money but will provide you flexibility as you can any point of time return back when the work is done. Usually customer is always confused which laptop to buy which is the best model and end up paying more and cant get rid of the laptop. However Renting laptop provides you the service of understanding your requirement and providing you the best option and moreover you can return back anytime hassle-free 


i3 Processor 4GB RAM 320 GB HDD

Offer ONLY INR 1,800/-*

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i5 Processor 4GB RAM 500 GB HDD

Offer ONLY INR 2,000/-*

Monthly Rental
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