Laptop on Rent in Mumbai: Now Easy with Rent It Solution

Laptop on Rent in Mumbai

Laptop on Rent in Mumbai: Now Easy with Rent It Solution

If you are a freelancer or setting up a new business, the one thing that is fundamental is ‘laptop’. Well, buying a new laptop or IT hardware for yourself or your business is not always ‘the’ option for you. From budget to up-gradation of new technology, there are numerous reasons that may make it difficult for you to pick your favourite laptop. And this is when ‘Rent It Solution’ comes to the rescue. Rent It Solution is a platform that provides laptops on rent in Mumbai, Thane and Navi Mumbai at nominal rates. The laptop rents at Rent It Solution are minimal and the platform takes the complete responsibility of service and maintenance. Renting a laptop for business helps to cut out on the up-front cost of buying and further helping in the free flow of cash by saving the capital for other expenses.

While getting a laptop on rent it is important to acquire those with required specification and configuration that will help to fulfil your specific requirements. Well-equipped rental laptops help in the proper functioning of everyday life. While laptops with advanced features and superior features may require you to spend a fortune on the product as well as on the maintenance. If you always thought, laptops are an investment for your business, then let us tell you that it is a depreciating asset. Thanks to the ever-evolving technology, laptop rentals have become the need as well as the smartest choice.

Keep reading to know if getting a laptop on rent is better than buying one, the laptop rentals, the process to rent a laptop from Rent It Solution and more.

Why should hire a laptop on rent? 5 reasons you need to know!

Cost-effective – As mentioned earlier, instead of spending a fortune on buying laptops with upgraded technology, you may choose the laptop on rent option. This helps to save the capital and use it on other important reserves such as marketing, advertising etc, for the smooth functioning of the business. The best part is the rental does not change owing to the market prices.

Short-term events – Offices often require IT equipment for a short period, such as for meetings, conferences, workshops etc or even when setting up a temporary team for a specific assignment. In such cases, getting laptops on rent is a cost-effective and feasible option.

Upgrading to newer models – If you are a tech geek and loves using latest technology then getting a laptop on rent is an option for you. This will help you to upgrade to newer models as per your wish. It means keeping up with the latest technology will no longer cost you a fortune.

Try before you buy – Well, if you like a specific laptop but not sure if you are really comfortable spending a lot on it. You may go for laptop on rent option and use it for a few days or months. Once you are really comfortable with the model you may buy it.

No maintenance and service cost – When you rent a laptop, you do not need to worry about the maintenance, it is completely taken care of by the rental platform. In case of an issue, you need to get in touch with the rental platform’s representative and the issue is completely taken care of without you visiting the service centre. In some cases, when the repair needs a longer time, you are provided with an alternate laptop for time-being.

How much does it cost to rent a laptop in Mumbai, Thane and Navi Mumbai through Rent It Solution?

There are numerous factors that determine the rental of a laptop. The rental plans for a laptop at Rent It Solution ranges between Rs 1,800 and Rs 3,500 per month. Some of the factors that determine the cost include:

The number of laptops – If you are looking for a bulk rental for corporates or business, you may customise your plans based on your requirements. You may require different types of laptops for different duration, plan your booking accordingly. The more is the quantity, the lower is the price.

Specification – This is an important factor that determines the cost of the rental. For instance, if you are looking for generic specifications, the lower is the price. While laptops with advance features, different operating systems may have higher rental.

Duration – You may get a laptop on rent for the duration based as per your requirement. For instance, you may rent a laptop for a day, a month or a year and choose the subscription accordingly. The rates may vary based on daily, monthly or annual subscription rates.

Personalised software and applications – When renting laptops for business and corporate purpose, you may require to customise software and applications. In such cases, you may get them installed on each system before the delivery. In some cases, clients may even ask for the company’s logo as the desktop background image on all the laptops. Installing personalised software and applications may cost you additional charges.

Looking for laptop on rent in Mumbai, Thane or Navi Mumbai? Get in touch with ‘Rent It Solution’. Here’s why!

Do you always search for ‘laptop on rent near me’ on Google? Then we give you 4 reasons why Rent It Solution is the best option.

  • Renting laptops helps to maintain a healthy cash flow. Reason? Well, the business need not capitalise depreciating assets and the funds can be used as an operating expense. The plans available at Rent It Solution are budget-friendly and flexible. You may customise your plans as per your requirements. The best part? You ​need to pay the rent of the laptops only for the duration you use. This means you may go for a one-day rental to an annual rental plan as per your requirements.
  • The team at ‘Rent It Solution’ takes complete responsibility when it comes to service and maintenance. The team is available 24*7 for online as well as onsite support for any service and maintenance of the rented laptops. The laptops on rent available are​checked​ thoroughly before delivering to the clients.
  • The platform provides end to end delivery of rental laptops. You do not need to travel anywhere to collect or submit the laptop. Book your laptop from the comfort of your home or office and get it delivered on your desired location. The delivery of the product is decided based on your convenience.
  • Rent It Solution provides 100 per cent genuine products with best technical team for support. The team is abreast of the latest technology and provide services that are in-line with the industry standards.

What is the process for placing a rental order at Rent It Solution?

Placing an order at Rent It Solution for laptops is an easy process. Get your laptop at home or office in just 3 simple steps:

  • Visit Rent It Solution’s website and click on ‘get rental quote’ option on the homepage. Fill the form with the required details and click ‘submit’. If you have any doubts you may get in touch with the representatives at Rent It Solution on the contact number and email id mentioned on the website.
  • Once you get the quote, you need to send a confirmation. Make sure you submit all the required KYC documents.
  • Select a date and get your laptop delivery.

Laptop on Rent in Mumbai, Thane and Navi Mumbai by Rent It Solution – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

While getting a laptop on rent from Rent It Solution, how do I know which laptop is best for me?

You may refer to Rent It Solution’s website for detailed descriptions about laptop available for rental. These pages help you with details including features and rent. If you are still not sure, you may get in touch with their representatives on the customer care number provided on the official website.

Which operating system does the laptops on rent at Rent It Solution come with?

Rent It Solution provides laptops on rent with Windows 7 and Windows 10 Operating systems on the laptops. Make sure you mention the representative at Rent It Solution about the choice of the operating system while booking your laptop. The team at Rent It Solution will have it installed in the laptop before delivering to your preferred location.

Why get a laptop on rent from Rent It Solution?

There are numerous reasons to rent a laptop instead of buying one. The major benefit is you do not need to spend a huge amount on buying a laptop if you only need it for a short period of time, thus saving your money on service and maintenance. Renting a laptop is also a good option if you want to try any specific laptop before buying it.

What is the approximate laptop rent client needs to pay while getting a laptop on rent in Mumbai, Thane or Navi Mumbai?

The rent of laptops may vary based on various factors such as the operating system, duration of rental and other features of the laptops. If you are looking to rent a laptop for a short term either for personal or professional use, you may need to spend around Rs 1,800 to Rs 3,500 per month.

Do you provide laptops on rent for business or corporate use?

Yes. Rent It Solution provide laptops on bulk for business and corporate use. Getting a laptop on rent in Mumbai, Thane and Navi Mumbai from Rent It Solution for business and corporate use is economical and convenient. Renting a laptop for business and corporate use helps to reduce the IT expenditure.

Who can rent a laptop from Rent It Solution?

From students to professionals, anyone can get a laptop on rent from Rent It Solution. You may choose the laptop based on the features as per your requirements. There is a wide range of laptops available on the official website of ‘Rent It Solution’. You just have to choose a laptop and rent it in a few simple steps. Rent It Solution offer a wide range of laptops for students which they can use for a project and other study purposes. Taking into consideration, the current scenario wherein students need to attend online classes, renting a laptop is the best solution. While for professional or business use, there are powerful laptops that will help professionals to work seamlessly.

Where can Rent It Solution deliver laptop rentals to?

Rent It Solution deliver rental laptops all over Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Thane. If you plan to book a laptop on rent from any other cities, get in touch with the representatives. You may inform the team if you want your laptop delivered at a specific timing at your location.

What if the client requires any technical support after getting a laptop on rent in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai or Thane?

The experts at Rent It Solution are available to offer technical support to the clients.

What if the laptop is broken or gets damaged while using?

Rent It Solution does not provide any insurance coverage. It is the complete responsibility of the clients to take care of the laptop. If broken, damaged or stolen, the client is liable to pay for the damages. For details, make sure you read the ‘terms and conditions’ annexure of the contract.

Are all the laptops available for rent tested before being sent out to the clients?

Yes. All laptops on rent available at Rent It Solution are tested and cleaned before sending to the clients. The team makes sure that all the laptops are virus-free and are up to date with the latest version.

Is there any way client can extend the rental?

Yes. Rented laptops can be kept for a longer duration by extending the contract. You may renew your contract and extend it beyond the original rental period for a duration as per your requirement. All you need to do is get in touch with the representatives at Rent It Solution. Not submitting the laptop as per the original rental period may attract additional fees.

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